The Process


For real historical asset owners

We are providing an opportunity to the owners of historical objects to immortalize them on the blockchain. Your physical rights for the object remain untouched, including the digital and intellectual property rights. We merely mediate the non-physical rights of the object to the new collectors. Zeitls provides a possibility to generate income without selling or giving away your ownership rights.


Introducing non-physical ownership rights

An authentic digital reproduction of your property with its own non-physical ownership rights is created. These rights constitute ownership of digitalized historical objects in the virtual world. As a result, two authentic versions of the same object can exist in the real and the virtual world simultaneously.


Auction and private sales

The pieces find their new collectors through open auctions or private sales. The proceeds will be split in the agreed-upon way between the original owner and Zeitls.


When all is said and done

In the real world, no changes occur – the legal owner of the object keeps all the rights of ownership. The new owner only obtains non-physical rights and the digital reproduction of the object. In the virtual world, however, the new owner obtains full ownership of the digital reproduction of the object.


Our auctions are governed by tailor-made smart contracts that ensure transparency, traceability and obligation fulfillment to all of the parties involved. We also implement KYC and AML measures in our auction process, in order to establish the legitimacy of the funds used in the auctions by the participants. After the auction has ended, historical object owners receive their share from the auction directly from the smart contract into their wallets.

Immediate Transaction

How we find solutions

NFT Market

Scarcity of authentic pieces of analogue history in the digital space.

The market is still in the early stages and is dominated by algorithmically-generated collections.

Zeitls, leveraging the technology of blockchain, creates authentic alter egos of unique historical pieces within the new virtual universes.


Limited ways to monetize exhibits and access to the digital space and the crypto market.

Auction proceeds will enable the owner of the physical piece to ensure the pristine condition of the exhibit, while also providing an opportunity to further expand the collection.

Transparency and Security

Lack of regulation and identification requirements when transacting.

Introducing AML techniques and Know Your Customer (KYC) measures for collections originated by Zeitls.