From museums to the Metaverse

A step-by-step description of our business process.

Collection acquisition.

In order to digitalize real-world assets, we will first need to acquire non-physical rights for them. That will be achieved through several channels, for instance:

  • Network of producing agents
  • Google Adwords
  • Partnership networks with art dealers/museum associations

After the non-physical rights have been purchased and Zeitls has entered into an agreement with the historical object owner, we proceed to the next step.


Roadmap development for every collection.

Finding specific ways to implement the future use and utility for each collection.


Collection creation and digitization.

Ensuring highest quality and converting pieces of historical value into assets ready for deployment in the metaverse, working in close contact with the original owner for historical accuracy.


Marketing for every collection.

Each collection will feature its own tailored marketing campaign and delivery, with possible unique ways of being sold. For example, a random sample of historical objects with unrevealed pieces, fractions, and different exciting traits.


Smart contract creation.

Adapting our existing smart contract to the new collection, with a possible Anti-Money-Laundering measure built in as a second line of defense before the KYC module. For instance, pre-determining in the smart contract that only the wallets of verified clients can participate in the sale.


IT infrastructure implementation.

Realizing existing infrastructure ideas, such as a 3D showroom, an on-site marketplace and an "inspect" feature, based on the proposed roadmaps for the collections.


Public auction (KYC module).

Setting up our auction, accessible only by those who have verified their identity with our third-party KYC service company.


Splitting funds with the original owner, rotating the remaining funds into developing the roadmap and future collections.

After the public sale has ended, we will split our proceeds with the owner of the original real-world object, as per the prior agreement. Zeitls will never possess any third-party funds.


Monitoring of the collections, monitoring the secondary market with our proprietary AI algorithms.

After the sale has been conducted, each collectible will be subject to being inspected by a custom compliance solution. The solution is trained to spot unusual activity, indicating when to request proof of the legitimacy of the transaction.